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"Novuss unites, creates bonds and is fun"

A great number of people who have difficulty keeping up with our fast-paced times are finding it increasingly hard to stay in contact with others. This phenomenon can be observed throughout society, cuts across all social classes, and is linked not only to age, but also to a person's (physical) state of health.

Many initiatives have tried, by the most diverse means, to counteract this progressive social isolation and the greatest challenge they faced in the process was, of course, avoiding positive discrimination

NOVUSS, also known as “disc billiard”, is on the one hand a game and, on the other, a sport in which even European and world tournaments are held. The style of play resembles that of billiard, the difference being that the table on which it is played is made entirely of wood, the balls have been replaced by discs or pucks and the cues are not as heavy.

Novuss is suitable for both children and adults (as a family sport) as well as for both persons who are wheelchair-bound and those who are able to stand. It is also easy to learn. It sharpens a person's dexterity, visual acuity, speed of response, precision and the ability to think ahead. .

The concept: Mr. Alexander Grosny (German Novuss Federation), Mr. Silvio Sagramola (Info-Handicap, Luxemburg)

With NOVUSS, the project partners are looking to offer an alternative to the typical 'socially slanted' initiatives. The project entitled „Sport without barriers“ (barrier-free Sport) is based on the following parameters:

  • NOVUSS tables are not expensive and can be set up almost anywhere without problems. They can also be easily transported in a normal car. 
  • The rules and the NOVUSS style of play are easy to learn and achieving perfection in the game depends entirely on training intensity; 
  • NOVUSS can be played by 2 or 4 players at the same time and does not require any special physical or intellectual abilities; 
  • NOVUSS can be played as a recreational 'table game' or can be practised as a competitive sport; 
  • The game is interesting for players and for spectators alike and is therefore a good choice for situations where people get together or are supposed to be brought together; 
  • Since the entire material, from the table and the discs to the cues, are relatively robust, NOVUSS can be used in all possible situations and settings.

Responsible for executing the project „Sport without barriers“ are the following associations: the International Association for Traditional Sports and Games (IATSG e.V.) and the German Novuss Federation (DNSV e.V.) which work together with local, national and international partners.

Our project partner in Luxembourg is “Info-Handicap”.

The task of the local project partner is to make contacts which are meant to place NOVUSS on a solid foundation. This will take place, ideally, by having NOVUSS integrated into a new or an already existing association and achieving the recognition of NOVUSS as an official national sport, with all of the opportunities which such recognition brings with it. Novuss-Sport offers persons with disability unique opportunities to increase their self-esteem and assert themselves in community with others.

In practice this means:

  • Premises are needed where several NOVUSS tables can be set up and where NOVUSS can be played. It should provide, on the one hand, the framework for regular training sessions and, on the other, the possibility to get together, exchange ideas and observe the game. An ideal location would be, for example, the public bar of a gym which should also have the advantage of being a barrier-free construction. 
  • To enable the game to be played in a structured context, it should be offered under the umbrella of an association (already existing or to be founded). This association should also have at its disposal a coach who could assume responsibility for both the recreational and the competitive aspects of the game. 
  • Whereas the recreational aspect of the game will be, to a great extent, influenced by the atmosphere of the training venue, the competitive aspect must be supported through the official recognition of the Olympic and Paralympics Committees, of the International Committee of Sports for the Deaf, whereby especially the integrative character needs to be highlighted, since it is directed to young and old, men and women, disabled and non-disabled (top) athletes. It is, indeed, one of the few sports in which a disabled athlete can successfully compete against a non-disabled athlete with no disadvantage.

Possible implementation of the NOVUSS Project:

  1. Establishing contact with an existing billiard federation to determine to what extent co- operation would be possible, or contacting recreational or sport associations to have NOVUSS integrated into their activities;
  2. Establishing contact with an existing federation or local government (municipality) in order to find training possibilities for NOVUSS, or contacting the public bar at a gymnasium;
  3. Clarification of co-operation between the local NOVUSS association, the local federation, the German Novuss Sport Federation and the Federation International of Novuss-Sport Organizations (F.I.N.S.O);
  4. Establishing contact with the International Paralympics Committee (IPC) and the International Committee of Sports for the Deaf, the national Olympic Sport Confederation, the national Sports Association for the Disabled, the national Wheelchair Sport Association, together with the Cologne Sport University and the German Sports Youth, to present and highlight NOVUSS' 'integrative' features and to organise training for coaches;
  5. Presentations and workshops;
  6. Dissemination of the project in all countries;
  7. Registration of NOVUSS as a form of sport among the wheelchair sport and Deaflympics opportunities;
  8. Press conference and similar activities to introduce NOVUSS.